Earthday Cleanup 2006

Sponsored by; the Ontario Shorewalk Association
Waterfront Park, Crystal Beach



Rain and thunderstorms threatened but didn’t arrive, but supporters did.
They worked hard and did a great job around Waterfront Park and the shoreline near the Palmwood Hotel.

Kudos to:

The Hopley family for early support to the last cleanup - Mark, Thomas, and Molly.

Megan Sunners for the Press Conference and for her youth group of vigorous beach cleaners - Lydia Schmoll,
Cassandra Ryerson and Josh Dayboll - They even hauled off the beach a rusted out 5m long, very heavy pipe!

Sam Sunners for great barbeque work.

Everyone else who did an amazing job of cleaning up around some rugged, rocky terrain!

Doug and Nancy Taylor, The Kriegers (Darren,Marlene, Justin, Daniel, and Matthew),
The Frumusas (Vince, Morgan and Beth), John and Elinor King, Shirley Grace, Chris Freiburger
and Lara Skerrett, Tony Cooper, Martha Skerrett and Derek Beahm with Megan, Sam, Ryan
and Anna, Sue Hepburn, Lisa Susin, Paul Kassay, Shannon Williams, Shylo Pruyn, Chris Laroque,
Greta and Garry Skerrett.


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