Candidate's Position on Waterfront Issues

Shorewalk advocates the following policies for our Lake Erie waterfront.
What is your position on these issues?


1. Encroachment Policy: All fences,yardworks,excavations and other soft encroachments on public waterfront parkland should be removed. The Town could offer encroachment agreements for houses, garages and shoreline protective works.

RESPONSES - See our home page for the list of supporting candidates. Almost all agree.

2. Completion of the Town’s current Road Allowance Improvement project with adequate funding during your term.

RESPONSES - Unanimous agreement among the 90% of candidates who responded. A few cautionary notes based on “if the budget permits”.

3. Public Waterfront policy. (a) Return position of Public Waterfront Officer. (to an existing staff person). (b) Establish citizen/staff/council standing committee on Public Waterfront Improvement.

RESPONSES - All agree that some approach should be made to increase profile of waterfront policy.

4. Adding the Town’s endorsement to MPP Kim Craitor’s legislative bill asking for Right of Passage (walking rights) on all of our Great Lakes shoreline. Circulate the endorsement throughout Ontario’s municipal governments.

RESPONSES - All agree, a few with reservations based on need to examine the wording of the bill.

5. Join with MPP Kim Craitor, MP Rob Nickolson and other appropriate agencies to produce a funding plan that will restore Point Abino Lighthouse and improve shoreline access to this National Historic Site.

RESPONSES - Most agree, a few with cautionary notes, and one opposed.



A Project of the Ontario Shorewalk Association. Garry Skerrett, President.
If you wish to participate please fill out the form and return to me.

Shorewalk Association Canada
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