Right of Passage Tops Shorewalk Agenda

Shorewalk was formed in August 2005 by a few Fort Erie residents who sought Lake Erie shoreline improvements here in town. It has now grown to well over 600 members with a wide ranging shoreline agenda but still focused on public rights.

First and foremost is our desire to improve walking rights along Ontario’s Great Lakes shores. Hence, “Shorewalk”.
MPP Kim Craitor, very early on, became a strong supporter and now is in the process of formulating a private member’s bill to put before the Ontario legislature. His bill will ask that Ontario use the legislative route to give us the same public rights that Michigan courts conferred there some 18 months ago. In Michigan the public now has full walking rights (Right of Passage) on all 5,000 km of their Great Lakes shoreline.

If the Kim Craitor private member’s bill succeeds then we will walk freely across all of Ontario’s Great Lakes shores. For us we can’t wait to stroll along Fort Erie’s Lake Erie shoreline without worrying about an embarrassing chance encounter with an irate lakeshore property owner.

You can do more that cross your fingers. Ask you local MPP’s to support the Right of Passage Bill. In Niagara we suggest that you urge MPP’s Tim Hudak, Peter Kormos and Jim Bradley to support Right of Passage. If you have friends and family in other parts of Ontario ask them to contact their MPP and urge his or her support of the Kim Craitor Right of Passage bill.

MPP contact information is available on the Government of Ontario website and it will be available on our website at Legislative Assembly of Ontario. You can contact me, Garry Skerrett, at for further enquiries or to voice your support.

Democracy does work. Widespread support across Ontario could give us Right of Passage along all of our Great Lakes shores.


Read some of the support emails.



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