Support Letter to Councillors
June 16, 2007

Dear Councillors:

My congratulations and thanks go out to you for your stand regarding the Town of Fort Erie Encroachment Policy. We are fortunate to have civic minded leaders like yourselves to protect the vital interests of the people.

I have read the revised staff recommendations and am dissapointed to find that staff is continuing in its attempt to usurp the power of council by attempting to set policy rather than to enforce policy. I do not believe that the revised version of the staff report accurately presents the instructions of the resolution passed by Council-In-Committee.

I urge you to stand fast and accept no further compromise in this matter. You four are now the guardians of the peoples domain. You four are the one's that have shown the political courage and the moral integrity to defend the "people's position". You four are the one's we now count on to enshrine our rights and the rights of generations to come.

Again my thanks,

"Stand Fast",

Nicholas S.,

Town of Fort Erie.



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