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March 11, 2006

Ontario Shorewalk Association

The Ontario Shorewalk Association have been actively lobbying government for the past six months on an ad hoc basis. They met at Fort Erie’s Bertie Boat Club on Saturday to formalize their organization and plan for the future. An executive was formed consisting of President-Garry Skerrett, Treasurer-Doug Taylor, Auditor-Ron Lampman and directors Earl Plato, Ryan Munroe and Lisa Chiolfi.

An advisory board was also selected. It consists of: Honorary Members: Ray Haggerty (former MPP), and G.Smith (Pat) Macdonald (lawyer and former Port Colborne Mayor), and Advisory Members: Amy King, Ken Cardwell, Tim Haggerty, Neal Skerrett, Janet Truckenbrodt, Shirley Grace, Chris Larocque, Megan Sunners, Sam Sunners, Mike Matheson, Anne Krieger, Dr. Martha Skerrett, Dr. Derek Beahm, Chris Freiburger, Scott and Sue Hepburn and Lara Skerrett. Other advisory board members will be added as the organization grows. As well, executive members Lisa Ciolfi and Ryan Munroe are developing a Port Colborne Shorewalk Association.

The group will keep its initial focus of working to expand and improve shoreline access here in Port Colborne-Fort Erie and along all of Ontario’s Great Lakes shoreline. They meet next at 2.00 P.M. on Saturday, April 8 at the Bertie Boat Club, just north of the Point Abino Gate.

Membership stands at 250 and new members can enlist free of cost on their website at or phone Garry Skerrett at 905-658-1505.




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