1. Shorewalk continues to build membership which now stands at 317.

2. Associations and endorsements:

The Friends of Hillier Beaches and Dunes: in Prince Edward County on Lake Ontario
The Bert Miller Nature Club in Fort Erie
The Whiskey Harbour Recreation Club: on Lake Huron and the Bruce Peninsula

Individual memberships in: Fort Erie, Crystal Beach, Ridgeway, Stevensville, Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Port Stanley, Kingsville, Parry Sound, St. Catharines, Welland, Thorold, Niagara Falls, Guelph, Mississauga, Oakville, Picton, Port Dalhousie, Ottawa.

3. We also have support from other provinces, the USA and the UK.

4. A Shorewalk Club is now active in Port Colborne led by Lisa Ciolfi and Ryan Munroe and another is being formed in Wainfleet by Colin and Margaret Krueger.

1. Meetings with and continued support from Kim Craitor, Niagara Falls MPP

2. Contact with the Attorney General’s office initiated by Tim Hudak MPP

3. Our first two formal meeting at the Bertie Boat Club thanks to the generous offer of their facilities and hosting by Manager Tony Breton

Executive Formed:
- Garry Skerrett
Treasurer - Douglas Taylor
Secretary - Peggy Krieger
Auditor - Ron Lampman
Directors - Earl Plato (Bert Miller Nature Club), Lisa Ciolfi & Ryan Munroe (Port Colborne co-presidents)

4. Constitution drawn up and approved.

5. Approval of a two tier membership, both lifetime.

(a) Free “Support Membership” for all who agree with our agenda and offer moral support

(b) “Active Membership” for those who wish to offer financial and / or activity support

6. Presented briefs to Fort Erie council on:

(a) The upcoming new Official Plan. We advocate a consolidated waterfront policy with a strong vision for the future.

(b) The proposed Thunder Bay Beach Drain. We oppose any drain over the beach as a reduction of an already small beach and as a health hazard.

(c) The town’s Waterfront Road Allowance initiative. We strongly support their plan and await its inception.

7. Met with Harry Schlange, the Town’s CAO, to discuss our agenda.

8. Celebrated Earth Day on Saturday April 22 with a Crystal Beach Waterfront Park cleanup followed by a volunteers’ barbeque.

9. Participated in the Town sponsored Volunteer Fair on April 25 at the Leisureplex. Our display was set up and run by Megan and Sam Sunners, Chris Laroque, Ryan Munroe and Amy King.

COMING SOON - On May 8 at 6.00p.m. the town meets to consider and formalize its plan to develop and improve a series of Road Allowances. Shorewalk will attend and present our general approval of the plan while pointing out some continued concerns.

NEXT MEETING - Bertie Boat Club, 7.00 p.m., Tuesday, May 16. The Bertie Boat Club is located on Point Abino Road South (near the gate).



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