JUNE 18, 2007

Fort Erie council tonight passed a by-law that will protect the public’s waterfront lands against encroachments of all kinds. All six councilors, Bob Steckley, Richard Shular, Tim Whitfield, Sandy Annunziata, Ann Marie Noyes and Martha Lockwood voted to prohibit encroachments on waterfront road allowances. A dissenting vote was cast by Mayor Doug Martin.

Shorewalk has been fighting this issue since July 10, 2006 when a staff proposal was presented that would have called for encroachment agreements on 9 of 10 encroachments encountered during waterfront road allowance surveys.

The encroached land would have been registered on the encroacher’s land titles and further entrenched through individual by-laws. None of that is going to happen now.

The Town will consider encroachment agreements for buildings and shoreline protective works which will have to be permitted by council. Fences and other “soft” encroachments will, however, have to be removed or moved back to property owner’s own land.
Most importantly the public retains ownership of all its waterfront road allowance lands.

A tremendous side benefit of this protracted battle has been the strengthening of Shorewalk. Our membership has quadrupled in one year from about 300 members last July to over 1200 today, much of that increase due to the efforts of our membership chair, Betty Vanosch. Dozens of other supporters and executive have worked hard in many ways including coming out to sit through long council meetings, fund raise, campaign, and build membership.

To all, an enthusiastic THANKS A LOT!

Garry Skerrett,
Shorewalk president.

PS - It’s never over. Public meeting on Wednesday, June 20 Town Hall re. drain pipe possibility for Thunder Bay Beach. 6.30 p.m. This will be our monthly Shorewalk meeting


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